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This was the website of Looptmix.com. Loopt was a company based in Mountain View, California, which provided a service for smartphone users so they could share their location selectively with other people. It was one of the last of the pure play location-based-services companies before being acquired by the by banking and payment services firm Green Dot Corp. for $43.4 million in March of 2012. After the purchase looptmix.com's domain eventually expired and the website disappeared from the internet.

I am interested in all things that are tech related to the WWW. I help code/build custom applications after the initial concept is born and have been studying as an apprentice under a super highly skilled Kubernetes developer. Kubernetes is a brand new field in tech that has been supported by Google before becoming an open source, container based software orchestration platform in the cloud. I'm trying to create apps to help our SEO strategy. My company engaged TNG/Earthling to oversee their SEO performance, so I was able to actually have a chat with Bob Sakayama, their CEO, who is very bullish on the new technologies as applied to search. Because he's seen so many internet businesses fail or be penalized by Google, we follow his advice closely - especially the information he posted here - in order to avoid the most common problems, and I believe Kubernetes can play a role in this effort. It's exciting to be on the forefront of this kind of disruptive programming discipline. I suspect that LooptMix.com would have been able to take advantage of Kubernetes to advance their forward thinking app in many progressive and useful areas. Businesses that are early adaptors tend to be the ones that leapfrog those that do not take advantage of cutting edge concepts.

Recently I discovered that the domain for LooptMix.com was available, I bought it with the goal of recreating as much of its original content as possible from archived pages. I did not want someone else to purchase the domain and re-purpose the site for something that had nothing in common with the original website. I believe that folks should remain aware of Loopt 's innovative mobile technology and market leading mobile programming capabilities that made it such a strategic acquisition for Green Dot. Today we all benefit from the type of technology in which Loopt was a pioneer. This content needs to remain available on the web if for no other reason than for historical purposes.



About: Company

Loopt started when Sam Altman walked out of class at Stanford University and wondered, “where are all my friends?” Since that question popped into Sam’s head in 2005, the innovation hasn’t stopped. Loopt has become an essential app for more than five million people who want to find out the need-to-know info about their city.

We make you an insider wherever you go. Loopt Qs are the super social way to get bite-sized reviews and share your own opinions about the place you’re at — making you a true insider wherever you go. Qs offer real-time community answers to common questions, like: Is there a long line? What’s the best happy hour special? Is this place WiFi-friendly?

We bring you sweet deals. Loopt will alert you if there are deals nearby, so you can save money or get free stuff. In the past, Loopt’s partners have given away free music, plane tickets, XBOX Kinects, and much more. Loopt is the most simple way to find deals.

We help you find your friends. Loopt improves your experience in the real world. With Loopt, you can see (literally, see!) where your Loopt and Facebook friends are on the Loopt Friends Map. Also your “I’m running late!” or “happy hour?” text messages are paired with your location (a ‘Ping’), making meeting up an absolute breeze. Loopt can alert you with a “Friend Alert” when a pal is nearby, creating exciting moments of serendipity that, without Loopt, might never happen.

Loopt is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. The Loopt application is available on a variety of devices and is most popular on iPhone and Android. See the list of supported mobile devices. Loopt is currently only available in the United States.

Loopt is the best way to connect to people and places around you. Loopt produces mobile applications that allow users to discover the world around them, and find and enjoy the friends, places and events around them right now. Phones with Loopt include the iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 (see www.loopt.com/phones for all supported handsets). The Loopt services have more than five million registered users and partnerships with every major U.S. mobile phone carrier. Loopt applications offer a variety of effective and intuitive privacy controls.

Interact with Loopt

Meet People

Meet the people nearby that you wish you knew.

People Nearby

  • Browse profiles of interesting people near you or anywhere else.
  • Use search filters such as tags to connect with people with similar interests.
  • See people joining Loopt Mix in real-time on the top bar.


  • Make some new friends with free, real-time, in-app chat with push notifications.
  • Unlimited free messaging with people around the world on Loopt Mix.


  • Build your Fan base, become a Loopt Mix Celebrity, and view other Celebs around you.
  • Choose your Favorite people to easily contact them in the future.
  • Find out who your Fans are – the people that made you their Favorite.


  • Post multiple photos and status updates to introduce yourself.
  • Make sure to include likes / tags to connect with others.
  • Access your settings to control profile visibility and alerts.

Partner with Us

Loopt offers a suite of mobile phone applications that help people discover the world around them. With over 3 million users on over 100 supported phones, Loopt provides opportunities for brands and retailers to build relationships with their customers, as well as drive new and repeat foot traffic to their venues.

Loopt and Loopt Mix

;Loopt, the core app in the Loopt suite of mobile applications, and Loopt Mix offer brands and retailers ads with special offers that can be directed at specific locations or venues.


Loopt Star, the brand new mobile game that people play with their Facebook friends, offers brands and retailers the ability to engage customers with fun and fully customizable achievements and rewards that are integrated into the game. Loopt Star lets brands and retailers reward the actions they want from their customers. You can design rewards with your own graphics, special offers, and the actions you’d like to reinforce directed to customers walking nearby.Example actions include:

  • Check in to selected venues with Facebook friends
  • Check in to selected venues and broadcast to Facebook
  • Check in to selected venues at certain times of the day
  • Check in to selected venues a specific number of times

You can choose to provide customers with real rewards (free products, discount coupons, upgrades, etc.) that can be instantly redeemed in a retail store, or redeemed at any time, or virtual rewards – either way, you’re building a strong, real community around your brand while increasing foot traffic to your venues.


Press Releases

Loopt Introduces Real-Time Mobile ‘Reward Alerts’ for Nearby Deals

March 1st, 2011

Part of Loopt’s Effort to Bring More Relevance and Immediacy to the Mobile Location and Local Deal Experiences

March 1, 2011 – MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – Loopt (www.loopt.com), the best way to connect with people and places around you, today introduced Reward Alerts into its mobile app for iPhone, iPod Touch and Android* phones. The new alerts bring a social, real-time element to location-based deals.

With Reward Alerts, brands and local businesses can offer limited-time and perishable-inventory deals to nearby consumers. Reward Alerts open up a unique mobile opportunity to offer a “flash” deal that is immediately redeemable in person, instead of a deal that is purchased now, but used at a future date. The new local deal alerts complement Loopt’s existing Friend Alerts, which send users a notification when a friend is nearby.

The first Reward Alerts go live in March for upcoming deals featured in the Loopt application. Users simply download the update, log in, turn Rewards “on” in the app’s settings, and nearby deals will be delivered straight to their iPhone, iPod touch or Android phone.

“Reward Alerts represent one more step in a direction we see as really important for location-based services – making mobile more simple and real-time,” said Sam Altman, co-founder and CEO of Loopt. “With Loopt, we can alert people to what’s going on around them right now, which opens up tremendous opportunities for consumers to learn about a great deal. It’s a win-win for businesses and consumers.”

While Reward Alerts will prove useful for local businesses in the future, the alerts first debut with national brands in Austin, TX during the South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive show (March 11-15). Loopt has set up an Austin-based moving “Rewards Wagon,” where brands are giving out more than $45,000 in rewards. Participating companies include Altec Lansing, FOX Broadcasting, Gilt City, Jawbone, Microsoft, OkCupid, Southwest Airlines, TabbedOut, Twelve South, TiVo and Yurbuds; rewards from top musical artists including Jack Johnson, Anberlin and Hinder; as well as rewards from authors including Guy Kawasaki (Enchantment), Hugh MacLeod (Evil Plans), Gary Vaynerchuk (The Thank You Economy) and Tony Hsieh (Author of Delivering Happiness and CEO of Zappos.com).

Loopt users in the Austin area March 11-15 will be notified of the reward locations on their phone the moment they happen. Each reward notification tells users where to go, and what to do to get the special prize. The high-value prizes have limited availability, and will be redeemed on a first-come, first-served basis. For more details on the SXSW Rewards Wagon, including specific rewards and necessary settings, visit http://www.loopt.com/sxsw, follow @loopt on Twitter or “like” Loopt on Facebook.


The Loopt app is available for free from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at www.itunes.com/appstore, and in the Android Marketplace.


Loopt Changes Up the Geo-Social Game – Real Local Insights, from Local People in Real Time

April 20th, 2011

SANTA CLARA, Calif., April 20, 2011 – Loopt (www.loopt.com) today introduced Qs, local micro-reviews that represent a complete shift in how consumers can socialize information about places in real time. Qs adds to Loopt’s current mobile service that connects people to nearby friends, while strengthening people’s connection to local businesses. Sam Altman, co-founder and CEO of Loopt, previewed Qs today at the Where 2.0 Conference in Santa Clara, Calif.

Loopt will now let mobile users do two things very easily:

  1. Get specific, useful information about a place in real time: Loopt users can easily flip through Qs results, which are presented like poll findings. This is a direct line into all the insider information about a place (for instance, an off-the-menu entrée, a specialty cocktail or the shortest bathroom lines at the ballpark). People can also push Qs to Loopt users around them to help get an answer.
  2. Contribute to the local conversation: In less than three seconds, users can answer a short question about a bar, concert, park – or wherever they are at the moment. Each answer adds to the real-time local conversation, which is viewable in a location-based stream (located on the home screen of the Loopt app).

Written by a community team that intimately knows the area, Qs will be short, easy to answer, entertaining and tailored to the specific location. Qs are designed for the mobile user, encouraging an in-the-moment exchange of local information. People can also share on Facebook and Twitter – either to get help answering a question or to share their own answer

 “Our goal with Loopt is to help users get the local information they actually want when they’re mobile,” said Altman. “Mobile local search is happening in a different way than most thought – in general, users aren’t standing on the corner looking for the best Chinese food. They’re sitting in a restaurant, holding a dim sum menu, and scratching their head over what to order. The reality is: in a city like San Francisco, most places are worth going to. It’s what you do when you get there – that’s the information users need.”

Loopt aims to change the 90-9-1 rule for web and mobile content – that is 90% of people consume content, 9% interact with content and only 1% of users actually create the content.* Loopt has created a structured environment to lower the bar for involvement. Borrowing from a familiar poll format, the simple, quick-to-answer questions (most often multiple choice) encourage broader participation among users.

Available soon in the San Francisco Bay Area, Loopt will roll out Qs nationwide in the coming months.


Deals on Demand: Loopt Debuts u-Deals to Put Users in Control of Local Discounts

June 22nd, 2011

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., June 22, 2011 – Loopt (www.loopt.com) today introduced Loopt u-Deals, the first service that allows consumers to request local deals. With Loopt, users can create and promote their own deals, turning a local business’s best customer into its biggest advocate.

Loopt’s real-time deal alerts and u-Deals combine into an essential app for consumers to forge connections with local businesses and save money. Loopt u-Deals empower consumers to easily request a deal on their phone in three steps:

  1. Create it. Pick the place and customize the deal request (choose the photo, pick the discount amount and add a deal description).
  2. Make it happen. If the deal passes Loopt’s review, then the deal will be in play. Now it falls to the user to rally local friends to sign up for the deal.
  3. Get it. Loopt contacts the business with the u-Deal details, and if the business approves, the deal is on. Everyone who committed will receive the deal, and some deals will remain open for a limited time for additional users to buy in.

Daily-deal sites are great for discovering new places, but consumers especially love when a deal appears at one of their favorite spots or someplace they’ve been wanting to try. For consumers, Loopt u-Deals offer a strong deal alternative. A construction worker, perhaps, isn’t interested in manicure deals. A vegetarian, maybe, wouldn’t care to see deals for a steakhouse. Both of these users can go in and request deals at places that truly spark their personal interest.

“Loopt u-Deals are truly a team effort – deal creators, their friends and family, Loopt, and local merchants all come together to make them happen,” said Sam Altman, co-founder and CEO, Loopt. “If we can continue to make local business connections simple, fun and rewarding for mobile users, we’ll start to see much stronger social ties within local communities nationwide.”

Loopt is working with ChompOn, a web-based group-buying platform, to process Loopt users’ u-Deal purchases.

Loopt u-Deals is available today on the Loopt Android app in the San Francisco Bay Area. The feature will roll out for additional locations and mobile platforms in the coming months.


Pre-Paid Music and Android Smartphones from Loopt and Universal Music Group Coming to an MLB Ballpark Near You

August 4th, 2011

Loopt “Music Night” Events for Summertime Giveaways at MLB Ballparks Began August 3 in Kansas City

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., August 4, 2011 – Loopt (www.loopt.com) and Universal Music Group, the world’s leading music company, today announced that they’ve teamed up with MLB Advanced Media to award musical prizes at select MLB games from August 3 to September 28. In partnership with the participating MLB Clubs, Loopt will host a series of “Music Night” events and reward fans attending these select games with prize offerings including 2.5 million pre-paid music downloads and 100,000 AndroidTM-powered smartphones.

Loopt is working with PageMaster Corp., (Thousand Oaks, Calif.) to provide free smartphones (with a new 2-year plan and data feature) so even more people can take advantage of what Loopt has to offer—whether it’s meeting up with a nearby friend, or getting an alert for a deal around the corner.

Each Loopt “Music Night” attendee at the 15 participating MLB ballparks will receive a prize card containing a code redeemable for five free song downloads of their choice from the entire Universal Music Group catalog, including new releases from today’s most popular recording artists. Select ballparks will also include a Free Android™ smartphone offer with new 2-year plan and data feature for fans over 18 years of age.

The first Loopt “Music Night” was held at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Mo., on August 3, when the Kansas City Royals host the Baltimore Orioles. Other Loopt “Music Night” events are scheduled to be hosted by the Atlanta Braves, Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati Reds, Detroit Tigers, Florida Marlins, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Milwaukee Brewers, Oakland Athletics, Pittsburgh Pirates, St. Louis Cardinals, San Diego Padres, Tampa Bay Rays and Texas Rangers. Complete details, scheduling and ticketing information can be found at MLB.com/entertainment.



September 27th, 2011

Airline Teams up with Geo–Social Service Loopt to Offer Modern Travelers Real–Time Mobile Rewards on their iPhone or Android Phone Flyers Who Check–in on Loopt Mobile App Score Instant Deals from Vendors like Natalie’s Candy Jar, Kiehl’s, Cat Cora’s Kitchen and Virgin America Experiential Video Links Travelers to Check–In Rewards throughout SFO’s Terminal 2

San Francisco – September 26, 2011 – Virgin America is teaming up with Loopt, the geo–social network, to offer travelers mobile check–in rewards at various locations throughout the airline’s sleek and sustainable new home at San Francisco International Airport’s (SFO) Terminal 2 (T2). Travelers that virtually ‘check–in’ at T2 using the Loopt iPhone or Android mobile app and watch a short video on T2’s unique design, can score real–time digital deals from a number of T2’s vendors and dining locations, discounts on Virgin America flights and special offers on services like SFO’s Green Rental Car program. s the only San Francisco–based airline, Virgin America is an anchor tenant at SFO’s T2. Much like the airline that calls it home, the new terminal intends to elevate the typical travel experience by offering the best in design, technology, food and sustainable practices. The 640,000–square foot space was completely reinvented for the modern traveler by architecture and interior firm Gensler and welcomed its first guests in April 2011. Gensler and Virgin America partnered with filmmakersSpirit of Space, the self–described ‘Architecture Paparazzi,’ a collaborative that makes films about the built environment, to create A Day in the Life of SFO’s T2. The short film offers a visually rich tour of the terminal from the traveler’s perspective: from check–in through take–off. The film can be viewed via the Loopt app, onboard Virgin America flights later this year and on Virgin America’s YouTube Channel.

‘T2 offers design, art, retail and dining experiences unlike any airport in the U.S. Since we opened our T2 doors, we’ve had guests tell us they are showing up earlier to their flights in order to enjoy everything from the beautiful design and sleek Danish furniture, to the upscale shopping, to the amazing variety of Ferry–building inspired food offerings,’ said Abby Lunardini, Vice President of Corporate Communications at Virgin America.  ‘Much like our airline, we think T2 represents the evolution of the travel experience.  By offering real–time rewards for check–ins throughout the terminal, we hope to give our tech–forward guests another reason to explore all T2 has to offer.’

Known for its inventive design, T2 offers amenities that mirror Virgin America’s own flight service, including a ‘Recompose’ lounge that acts as a soothing oasis for flyers post–security, beautiful living–room like gate areas, the best in local and organic dining, elevated laptop work tables with power outlets and the carrier’s distinctive cabin ‘moodlighting.’  T2 also aims to be one of the most sustainable airport terminals in the world. Virgin America’s investments in sustainable design within its T2 spaces are aimed at the highest possible LEED® Platinum–certification. Other T2 features include ‘Hydration Stations’ that allow flyers to refill re–usable water bottles, tech–friendly amenities like work stations with free WiFi and art installations (travelers can even take a self–guided art tour via the San Francisco Arts Commission’s iPhone app).

‘With Loopt, consumers get to tap real–time deals wherever they may be,’ said Sam Altman, co–founder and CEO of Loopt. ‘Today marks the first–ever collaborative mobile reward offering from a cluster of businesses (in this case, an airport community). Teaming up with an innovative travel brand like Virgin America, plus its T2 partners, is a fun way to deliver a slew of instant rewards to a loyal and increasingly mobile customer base.  Virgin America flyers tend to be more likely to be using a mobile devices and social networks – on the ground and even at 35,000 feet.’

Now through December 22, smartphone users can check–in on Loopt at T2, watch the video A Day in the Life of SFO’s T2 and score a ‘VX Deal on the Fly’ – with offers from T2 vendors delivered direct to their iPhone or Android phone. Travelers can flash their instant reward via their mobile screen at select vendors to claim deals like a free dessert at Cat Cora’s Kitchen, complimentary product samples at Kiehl’s and sweet discounts at Natalie’s Candy Jar.  In addition, flyers can score 10–20 percent off last minute travel discounts* on Virgin America and even random two–for–one** and free flight offers*** for future trips. The Loopt app is available at the Apple App Store or Android Market. VX Deals on the Fly include:

  • A complimentary dessert at Cat Cora’s Kitchen when you order two tapas.
  • Two complimentary product samples for flyers on–the–go at Kiehl’s.
  • 15 percent off discounts on bulk candy at Natalie’s Candy Jar.
  • Farm to Flight: $1.00 off TCHO chocolate bars or Napa Farmhouse marmalades at Napa Farms Market.
  • Hotel escape offers from $315 through the Elevate® loyalty program’s partner Morgans Hotel Group’s Boutique and Lifestyle Hotels, including Clift in San Francisco and Mondrian in Los Angeles.
  • $15 off your next green car rental, courtesy of SFO.
  • 10–20 percent off last minute travel discounts* on Virgin America –and random two–for–one** and free flight offers*** for future trips.

Known for topnotch service, new aircraft with beautifully designed cabins and a host of high–tech amenities, the Silicon Valley–based Virgin America has partnered with Loopt before on both the first user–generated airfare deal through the uDeals platform and a special offer on the airline’s Mexico flights for those who virtually checked in at popular local food trucks in Los Angeles and San Francisco. When T2 first opened its doors in April, the airline launched a ‘Terminal 2 Takeover Leader–board’ on Facebook that displayed Facebook Places and Foursquare check–ins allowing T2 visitors to earn ‘Captain’ status and other virtual badges by accumulating the most check–ins.  The new VX Deals on the Fly program with Loopt takes virtual check–ins to the next level, by providing real–world rewards and offers to the community of T2 travelers. Virgin America was also the first airline to offer frequent flyer points for location–based virtual check–ins in the fall of 2010.

Launched in August 2007, Virgin America is the only California–based airline and its decision to headquarter in the Bay Area has helped make SFO one of the nation’s few growing airports. In just four years flying, Virgin America has been named ‘Best Domestic Airline’ in the Condé Nast Traveler 2008, 2009 and 2010 Readers’ Choice Awards and “Best Domestic Airline”in Travel + Leisure’s 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 World’s Best Awards.  The airline offers custom–designed mood–lit cabins and amenities like WiFi, outlets and touch–screen entertainment at every seat.